20 all-time top posts

  1. Why are deaf people so direct?
  2. Older deaf people need deaf care homes
  3. 20 all-time top posts
  4. How can I avoid exclusion within family gatherings?
  5. My English is not good enough
  6. My family criticized me in front of my partner
  7. Help! I’ve been made redundant and can’t find a job!
  8. Can you ever feel 100% confident in the hearing world?
  9. Q&A with deafauntie
  10. Q&A Part 1
  11. I loathe Facebook
  12. I am lonely. How do I make friends?
  13. Communicating with hearing colleagues
  14. Will my deaf child meet her milestones?
  15. I’m dreading my old school reunion
  16. How can I keep my email address confidential?
  17. Why should they get away with it?
  18. My doctor told me he taught his dog sign language
  19. I want to offer English tuition to deaf people (Sally’s response)
  20. Being left out at work thanks to a change of manager

One response to “20 all-time top posts

  1. Hi My name is Susan Cooke I run a home in Blackpool for The Deaf society, we currently have vacancies and encourage people to know who we are and where we are if your interested in having a look round our home please get in touch email wynfieldhouse@google.com look forward to hearing from you. SC

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