Freelance writer seeks advice

Since last year I’ve been pursuing a freelance writing career. I have a good number of articles and reviews under my belt now. I’ve also been blogging for 7 years now I think. The only money I’m getting right now is from one magazine and the rest is from benefits I’m afraid (and something I feel guilty about).

However, I’m worried about the practicalities, and ways of finding freelance work, as well as whether I should pursue a part time job to finance my writing. I suppose I have to find a balance somewhere, and was wondering where I can go for advice or can you point me in the direction of people who might be able to coach me?  The fact that I am deaf but went to a mainstream school isn’t helping at all. I don’t really know how to proceed from here.

Sue, Bristol

Deafauntie says:

Aren’t we lucky to be living in a country that allows us to have this kind of discussion and not have to go out scrubbing floors for years to earn a pittance?  Make the most of the benefits and income you currently have, as you will repay this by becoming a successful journalist and writer in time.

You have already answered your own question though. When people ask about where to go for advice, I always say ‘go to the best in your field’. Identify the successful deaf journalists, bloggers and writers out there and get to talk to them (even if it means jumping on a train) – you can’t beat a good heart-to-heart with someone five or even 10 years further on in their career than yourself.

Looking at your CV  attached to your longer letter, you obviously know some hearing writers too from your previous magazine work and from your university course. Get out your address book and work through your list of contacts. Successful people love to be asked to help (believe me, they really do)!

One response to “Freelance writer seeks advice

  1. Testing testing… What a great article … Food for thought!

    One certain way is to network online, getting yourself known through several other blogs with your email address, and website at the end so that if your blog is interesting, they’ll look you up. Do look for sponsors for your blog.

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