What advice should I give to a person with tinnitus?


Yesterday, one customer visited my local deaf society about her husband who had tinnitus. She was also deaf but could lipread.

Of course we sympathised, but the deaf society had no information about it, so I looked up the internet about tinnitus and got the lady a variety of information helplines she could choose from. I hope my advice was OK. I heard people with tinnitus find a move to near the river or sea a big help – is this true?

Laraine says:

Tinnitus affects everyone differently. People, including doctors, have different advice. I can see why the seaside was suggested – because it can be very calming and also the sound of water can sometimes be soothing & mask the tinnitus.

BUT – and it is a big BUT – your friends /clients must do their research and get lots of opinions and think very hard which advice suits their personal situation best. Talking to other people with tinnitus can be a great help.


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