Question about Deaf relay training

My name is Ben from Manchester and I am deaf.  I would like to have Deaf Relay training and I wonder what there is?

Deafauntie says:

As far as I understand there is no Deaf relay training at present, but it might be worth checking Heriot Watts University, maybe UCLAN in Preston or even Signamic, a training agency based in London (Translation course). Perhaps you could contact DIN (Deaf Interpreters Network):

All specialist training ‘comes and goes’ depending on what is available, what is being funded  and whether there are enough students to make it worthwhile.

My advice to anyone looking for courses leading to skills or qualifications is: be persistent, do your research, find someone who has already done this and talk to them, don’t give up (it might take a few years for the right course to appear) and save up!

One response to “Question about Deaf relay training

  1. (Update)

    I asked Signamic and they had this to say:

    “Unfortunately we have no plans to run an Interpreting training program for Deaf people at the moment. We had looked into doing it and decided to concentrate on the Translation qualification which we have developed with Signature. Maybe at some point in the future we will add interpreter training to our course programme but not for the foreseeable future.

    “For more information about the Level 6 Diploma in Sign Language Translation – which starts in January 2013 – visit, or ask to go on the mailing list to keep up with the latest info (you can unsubscribe if you change your mind).”

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