Polish person seeking work in the UK

I’m a Polish person with hearing loss and wear a hearing aid. My dream is to live my life in the UK, I would like to live there and live and work.

I have a university degree and have worked as an intern in the office in Poland. I can’t get a permanent normal office job, which is why I would love to try to find work in England. I know English at a basic level, but in the UK would try to learn more English.

I really would love to work in an office somewhere in any such company or the post office. In Poland, I cannot find a job anywhere.

Deafauntie says:

We wish we could help you. Do you know a Polish person already here? It is always better if you know someone so that they can help you settle in. I am sure you already know that jobs are difficult to find here as the UK is experiencing high unemployment at the moment.

Ask around where you are to see if you can find someone who knows a hard of hearing or deaf person already living here. Talk to other people to see what advice they have. I hope someone will see this posting and write in with their experiences.

2 responses to “Polish person seeking work in the UK

  1. Someone has just emailed me to say if the Polish person is thinking about living in East London, then it might be worth contacting deafPLUS. Their website says, “The deafPLUS Employment Service provides intensive employment support to Deaf and hard of hearing people living in East London and Hackney.” Visit and contact

  2. Comment from Julie:

    “My boyfriend and I wanted to come to England for a better life. Things are good in my country and there are plenty of jobs but everything is poorly paid so you cannot buy anything or improve yourself.

    “My advice to anyone who wants to come to the U.K. is that you have to do it all yourself! No-one will help you! We paid £400 each to an agency in my country to make the travel arrangements and lodgings and introductions to some job interviews. We were first sent to Manchester, but things were very slow there, so we came to London. We spent a lot of time looking on the internet for jobs and other opportunities.

    “We met a deaf friend of someone we know in our country and he was very helpful. We found somewhere to live in London and slowly started to make deaf friends. I have a cleaning job and my boyfriend has a job in a factory.

    “We are very happy here and are able to save up as well as enjoy life. My advice is to try hard, research a lot, be prepared for difficult times, improve your English, do not expect it to be easy as there is high unemployment and very few jobs, and make friends with both deaf and hearing people from your mother country.

    “British people are very nice if they can see you work hard and are determined.”

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