I want to run a business in Deaf Awareness

I have been delivering Deaf Awareness for a couple of years now and I have reached the point where I really want to set up my own business to run a group of trainers and deliver high quality presentations across the UK.

I am heavily involved in the Deaf Community at local and national level and I have extensive knowledge of current issues/developments within the Deaf community. But I am struggling with setting up a business name, branding and developing appropriate training/teaching materials. Where do I begin?

Deafauntie says:

It all takes a lot longer than one thinks. My advice is always start teaching Deaf Awareness whilst you are setting up your business – do them side by side. Then you have something to talk about when you are blogging or talking to the bank etc. I was ‘Laraine Callow’ for two years until ‘Deafworks’ suddenly came to mind!

Don‘t force a business name – find out where your business is going and take it from there. You might find yourself specialising in the future so keep everything open.

Branding too will come later once a picture starts to emerge about who you are and what you do. Concentrate on delivering high quality training and keep your name and branding very clear and simple. Good luck!

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