Seeking a lipreader for someone coming out of a coma

Can you help? I am looking for a lipreader as my brother is very ill in hospital and is just coming out of a coma. He is speaking without any voice and very slowly and we can’t tell what he is saying. A nurse suggested we look for a lipreader so we are contacting you in the hope you can tell us what to do next.

Deafauntie says:

Yes there are several of us here who have acquired lipreading as a lifelong skill but who have been trained to use it in legal situations and medical ones like yours. Have a look at and do contact one of us to discuss suitability as well as dates and fees.

When I did this work for a patient who had ”compromised communication” , the hospital were happy to pay.  Hope your brother  can communicate his needs and wants to your family and the hospital staff.


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