My English is not good enough

I love reading everyone’s stories but they are all in such good English. I want to tell you my story but my English is not good enough.

Deafauntie says:

You won’t believe this, but hearing people who write to the newspaper/magazine problem pages do not write in perfect English either. Often letters are shortened, made clearer or even rewritten in a different way. (sometimes the agony aunt refers to this – for example – ‘in your longer letter you say…..’). As a former teacher of deaf children and adults I am used to reading ‘deaf English’, English written in BSL, or just topsy turvy sentences. The  meaning is often still very clear.

Someone told me years ago to sign the letter / email etc to myself and it would become clearer what the person was trying to say and that turned out to be very good advice. So please don’t worry about your English, I will understand it perfectly!


2 responses to “My English is not good enough

  1. I agree. Often it is better to use plain, simple English. In my work environment we are always campaigning for PLAIN ENGLISH PLEASE!…Being deaf myself, I much prefer it!…So don’t worry about it – just keep reading, ask questions and use reference books. It will come to you naturally over time. By the way I failed my English Language ‘O’ level four times!

  2. Deaf people are supposed to be able to study English very hard. Age doesn’t matter. but they aren’t studying it enough. I think they don’t feel like studying. Deaf people should be able to write good English if they learned it a lot and often read some books in English. I have been studying English by myself for a long time. No one has taught me English. I live in the Netherlands. I still study it very hard. English has been my favorite language for a long time. I believe that the Holy Spirit is going to help me improve English.

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