What Deaf Awareness DVDs can I buy?

I am deaf and want to do Deaf Awareness presentations. Are there any useful DVDs for me to buy? I want to explain what types of deafness, lipreading techniques and sign language there are. Also the types of barriers that deaf people do suffer etc.

Regards, Alan

Deafauntie says:

Hi Alan

I always say Deaf Awareness trainers need to:
1. Have a positive view of deafness (rather than using words like ‘suffer’)
2. Be a good workshop trainer: you can attend a ‘Training the Trainer’ course at a local college.
3. Like hearing people – after all, they are going to be your audience.
4. Be confident in speaking in front of people or know how to use an interpreter well in group situations.
5. Be knowledgeable about deafness and hearing loss across the whole spectrum – you need to talk about lots of different points of view.

Then you can start! Have a look at different D/deaf organisations and see what materials they have. There are very few well-made Deaf Awareness DVDs now as it is so expensive to make well-scripted and interesting films.

If people can recommend any, just post your comment here (and I might comment in return).



5 responses to “What Deaf Awareness DVDs can I buy?

  1. I have mixed feelings about Deaf Awareness. Just because Deaf Awareness Training is presented does not mean that the work place actually makes changes. In my case Deaf Equality Training was presented, but at the time my line manager wanted to do it on the cheap, so no portfolio was created for evidence of changes that they would make to receive an OCN certificate.

    Yes, you probably guessed – no change in the work place so I still had to rely on interpreters to communicate with my hearing collegues.

    • Deaf Awareness is often seen as a quick way to “get it all over with and keep the deaf person quiet” – follow up is very difficult. Sometimes clients have been quite rude when I email a month later (as agreed) wondering why we are “checking up on them”. There are other clients who really enter into the spirit of things and are very committed to seeing things through long term especially if the DA workshops are as Tina describes.

  2. Why do you want to use a DVD? I run interactive workshops, I get the group to learn basic signs, I get them to do lipreading exercises in pairs, tell stories to highlight real life issues, things like that. I make it fun – that’s much more exciting than watching a DVD.

  3. I find role plays effective. The trainer asked me, an Intepreter and the trainer to communicate in BSL with no voice. He invited a hearing colleague to join in. Guess what the hearing colleague could not understand so then we said ah this is what happens when the workforce is mainly hearing and that a deaf colleague can feel left out.

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