Managing low staff morale

I have been forced to make cuts to staffing in order for my business to survive in the current economic climate. This has led to low staff morale and the sole deaf colleague, Mary, seems particularly badly affected. How can I reassure her that she’s not the only one?

Deafauntie says:

Hmmm. This is not the first time I have been asked this. It is good that people are thinking about deaf employees in this way. Well done.

The simple answer is to keep Mary informed of what is going on within your company and make sure she understands what is happening. If she has an interpreter then make sure s/he attends all the relevant meetings and reads all the relevant memos alongside Mary.

If not, then make sure you have a brief chat to Mary whenever you can (at least once a week) and follow it up by email. What you do for the hearing staff in order to support them and boost the low morale will also help Mary too.

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