Deaf builder – how do I find customers?


I am living in London at the moment and I am currently looking for a job.

I have brickwork experience, both internal and external. I can also laminate floors and paint (and have qualifications too). How do I get a job or customers?

Deafauntie says:

If you already have skills and you can use a computer then you could start by doing work for different customers – either family, friends or neighbours. Print some business cards and deliver them to local houses and businesses (that’s how I found my decorator!)

Then when you do a job, take photos of each stage of the job and upload them on a blog (try as it is free or ask a friend to do it for you). As you build a portfolio you can start applying for jobs with building companies or even the local Council (because you can show examples of your work on your blog). You may find that actually you like working for yourself. Hopefully other deaf builders will give you their advice on here too. Good luck!


One response to “Deaf builder – how do I find customers?

  1. In this line of business advertising is all. If people don’t know what you do then they cannot book you, so money spent on advertising will repay you well.
    However it has to be in the right places. People do not book builders every day so that means your name has to be out there all the time so as to be in front of those who have work for you. You can put postcards in the newsagent or supermarket. Small ads in the paper, don’t make them too big but keep them there all the time.
    Also by keeping in touch with other builders you may get contract work from them. My son in law does kitchen and bathroom fitting and mostly works for other builders who are doing renovations. Because he is a specialist his work is top notch and so other professionals book his services. That’s the way to go.
    People won’t mind your hearing loss as long as your work is good. You must deliver to the highest standard and then nobody will worry whether you are deaf or not!

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