Deaf Italian seeking to learn English and BSL

I am deaf from Italy, and I want to learn better English and BSL. I’d like to have a contact to work with the deaf and to make a new life in London.

I await your news.

Best regards, Paolo

Deafauntie says:

Dear Paolo,

It is not easy to start again in a new country and it is always best to join someone you already know here. London is a good place to start and the UK is a beautiful country too.

All very different from Italy so think about the culture shock when you come here. I would need to know more about you before giving you clear advice.

The City Lit Centre for Deaf People runs courses in both English and BSL. Unemployment is high here at the moment so you will do better if you already have a skill (especially in building) you are trained and qualified in. I cannot think of an employment programme you can join – there are some run by deaf organisations, but not at the moment. If you want to work with deaf people as a support worker then try SignHealth.

Hopefully other people will read this and come up with other ideas for you.

PS Thanks to those who answered my question with their own suggestions on my Facebook page.

2 responses to “Deaf Italian seeking to learn English and BSL

  1. London is NOT a gold pavement. You still have to make good connections and network locally in order to survive London.

    I have just left London after 22 years…loved it! But you must understand that it is an unforgiving city. My basic advice is the same to all…..hearing or deaf. You must save at least £2k for your home if you want a decent one. You also must have a real chance of a job….skilled is better. You don’t mention what skills you have?

    So it makes it harder for me to personally advise you. Please do not come to UK on the promise of a job or home via your local agents….it is not always true. Do your homework first and the more independent you are…the better.

    So save up your money…have that to help to set yourself up home wise. Then you can apply for anything from your homebase. Without a decent homebase….you won’t make it!

  2. Paolo, you might like to refer to the advice Laraine gave to a Polish person who was also looking for work in the UK:

    The comments, too, may give you some useful insight. Do check them out – and good luck!

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