Hard-of-hearing gas fitter – how to go in business?

I see most of your problems are from deaf people but I am hard of hearing and would like your advice too!

I am not a young person and have been unemployed for a couple of years and am looking at retraining as a gas fitter. My friends have told me it is tough especially as gas engineers rely a lot on their hearing to detect gas leaks etc. I’d still like to follow this route, but as it turns out it’s not as easy as I’d like because I need to go on a course but you can only get a place if you have a work placement in the gas industry. It is a bit of a chicken ‘n’ egg situation – bizarre and frustrating. What next?

Bill, St Albans

Deafauntie says:

Hi Bill

Hmm. Well, as you have obviously done your research and talked to people, it looks like the next step is to make a very careful application to British Gas and monitor each step of the way, taking note of what objections there might be and how you can respond to them.

Would a pre-application meeting help, I wonder or will it just alarm them? You’ll need to think about that. Talk to other hard of hearing people who are in similar jobs and see what you can learn from them. Incidentally I know of only two deaf gas engineers working for British Gas and I will send you their contact details. Good luck!

One response to “Hard-of-hearing gas fitter – how to go in business?

  1. Good luck, Bill! Glad to see you found some contacts. It can be done.

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