American interpreters seeking interpreted/captioned events in London

I have just discovered your blog whilst Googling deaf events in England.

We are two sign language interpreters (SLIs) in the USA and are coming over to London for Christmas and the New Year.  There don’t seem to be many things going on, but we hear such good things about deaf arts access (sign interpreted, captioning, etc) in London but we just can’t find them! We are however in touch with a couple of interpreters outside London and hope they will be taking us places too!

John and Elise

Deafauntie says:


Glad you’ve heard good things as it’s been a long time coming. Deaf accessible events are quite hard to track down because sometimes organisations provide the service and sometimes individual theatres & galleries organise their own access services.

Try who now produce an emailed list of plays they caption around the UK as well as on their website. They also caption interesting talks and lectures.  Have a look at who do a lot of work with theatres using SLIs.

The two opera houses in London both provide captioning services (each operate quite differently) and the ENO (English National Opera) also provide sign language interpreted support for some of their operas.

Art galleries vary hugely but have a look at Tate Modern who provide access in three very different ways: hearing speakers supported by SLIs, deaf speakers signing for themselves and lecturers supported by lipspeakers. There is a Facebook group trying to collate all the different galleries and their supported events so have a look at London Museum and Gallery Access Events.

Also check out  SLIs in the UK are a very friendly bunch – see their website: . Enjoy Christmas in London!

One response to “American interpreters seeking interpreted/captioned events in London

  1. Also it is pantomime season so it ll be worth looking to see if any of them are interpreted too !

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