Advice all jobseekers could use

I have heard a lot about you and would like to do some work experience with you. I enclose my CV which is quite short as I only left university last year.


Deafauntie says:

You will be surprised – or not – that I, along with everyone else, receives requests like these every week (yes, every week). You will not be surprised that often, your request goes ignored.

Think how you can make your request stand out from everybody else’s. First of all, explain why you’d like work experience with me instead of someone else (if you can’t answer that, then you’re up shit creek). Your two lines is far too short – yes, keep it short & snappy but not that short.

The second thing that no-one ever does but should, is to explain what you can offer me rather than what I can offer you. Organisations, whether they are commercial or charitable, are busy places these days and they want a succinct summary of what, how, why, when in an easy to digest email which they can then reply to quickly or forward on to the right person. Try it and see – then tell me how quickly you get a placement!

One response to “Advice all jobseekers could use

  1. Having interviewed candidates and processed CVs and etc as a Manager. I can concur with the above advice. You need to stand out above hundreds of applicants with good letters, emails, spelling all correct! A good clear CV in the proper format (no more than 2 pages maximum), not fancy and pretty. Also you must always state what you have achieved and can offer. I would say that I reject 80% of all applicants due to bad spelling, bad english, and a CV that is far too long!…ie ten pages!!….

    Also read back what you have written and ask yourself the all important question: “How do I sound?”…”How do I come across?”…”Do I sound genuine?” “Am I assertive enough?”.

    Also do your research carefully, find the most appropiate job/placements that SUITS your talents. Otherwise you are just wasting your time.
    Finally dont get downhearted if you get a no reply or rejection. That is normal. It is absolutely no reflection on you personally. Keep trying. Never give up. Good luck and keep us in the picture how you get on! I bet you will be surprised if you follow good advice.

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