How do I train as a forensic lipreader?

Do you have any information about training courses in forensic lipreading? Being an expert witness, it’s something I would be interested to do as a career change. I want to do something completely different and useful!

Helen, Durham

Deafauntie says:

There is no funding at all at the moment to train new forensic speechreaders so you will have to go it alone.  But here is a checklist for you to consider before you even start :
1. Are your lipreading skills first class?
2. Is your English good? You will be required to produce very well written and clear reports.
3. Have you got time and patience? Lipreading DVDs etc is tiring and time consuming.
4. Can you work with other professionals such as solicitors and the police?

I notice you are looking for a career change. Well, this kind of work is very interesting as well as challenging but except for a very few hardworking speechreaders, it does not translate into a full time career as work is very hit-and-miss rather than a regular source of income, even though it can be well paid. Being an expert witness is a separate skill and something you should consider too.  Attend some expert witness courses – they are usually very good (and expensive) – try Bond Solon. Ask an experienced forensic lipreader to either work with you or mentor you for the first couple of cases if you feel you need a little more confidence first.  It certainly won’t be what you think it is! Good luck.

One response to “How do I train as a forensic lipreader?

  1. It certainly IS very tiring work and hearing people imagine we can speechread a video in one go. Not when it’s perhaps 10 hours of work!! You need to take frequent breaks to maintain your concentration levels.

    Interestingly, some of the things I’ve been sent make me laugh. In one case, the entire footage was of the back of someone’s head. In another, it was so blurred I couldn’t make out the facial features, never mind speechread them!

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