How do I stop people asking for a hearing person’s number?

My biggest bugbear at the moment is people asking for a hearing person’s phone number when I order something, even when I say they can text or email me. What shall I do?

The answer is probably to take custom elsewhere, not so easy to do when it’s a direct service, eg. the council.  The other response is probably to say that under the Equality Act 2010, reasonable adjustment is required in communicating with deaf people, so email or text.  Don’t get me started on GP surgeries though!

Update (12 Nov 2012)

Hi – thinking about this question again. You are right to be irritated and Rob is right to deliver an ultimatum. However the question is actually about a whole list of complex issues, one of which is the person’s attitude and experience of deafness. Only last week, I had a similar conversation (by coincidence) with my dentist. I asked the receptionist why they did not use email yet and her answer was to ask: why was I so worried? Other deaf people used interpreters whenever they called her. What was my problem? I was a bit stunned to be honest – where do I even begin with that one?

2 responses to “How do I stop people asking for a hearing person’s number?

  1. I simply explain the EA2010 Act and state that my preferred communication method is…email or text only. They have to act on that request without question.

  2. good Rob! maybe I will try that! I have been innundated with nuisance calls after someone ran into the back of my stationary car-all asking me to confirm, ie give my name, address, dob, car reg etc.I have ust said I prefer all communication to be in writing.

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