Deafauntie is on holiday

Deafauntie’s admin says:

Deafauntie has packed away her teapot for a holiday. She’ll be back very soon.
While she enjoys her well-deserved break, deafauntie has asked me to open up a discussion with all her readers about everything we’ve uploaded so far.
What are your thoughts? Which problem was your favourite, and why? What was the best piece of advice you ever read on the blog? How would you sum us up as a whole?
Do give us your feedback by commenting here, or on the Facebook page, or send us a tweet.
We’ll publish the best comments on a new testimonials page that we’re working on at the moment.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


4 responses to “Deafauntie is on holiday

  1. I enjoyed reading about other people’s problems and etc. It is sad that some problems never change despite “improvements” or technology. At my stage of life I feel that I have a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer and it is nice to share that, encourage others to benefit from my own experiences and any successes. Keep them coming!!

    • Dear Rob, thankyou very much for your feedback. it’s nice to know we can rely on your perspective to enhance the sense of sharing problems with others. We value your loyalty and look forward to more insightful comments from you.

      Deafauntie admin

  2. I really like the concept of deafauntie: not only her advice, but building up a pool of experiences with the shared aim of helping others. It’s a very approachable format.

    I think it’s hugely interesting and useful to see a diversity of people with a wealth of experience at being deaf – for want of a better phrase – offer their experiences on how they’ve handled particular situations.

    I feel I’ve learnt a lot through absorbing different approaches to each issue, and, of course, in this blog format the questions are open-ended and can be found or addressed again, which is of great importance when many questions are perennial issues.

  3. What lovely feedback Serena – thankyou! I’m sure Laraine will appreciate it.

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