Deafauntie’s Christmas advice

Instead of a problem today, we wanted to post this updated blog from 2008. Take a look:
I had a great Christmas – sent lots of e-cards (sorry if I offended anyone), bought loads of books on the internet as pressies (highly recommended – I asked everyone for a book list), and we went out for a meal on Christmas Day (so no cooking) and did not put up any Christmas decorations apart from a few classy baubles in a huge glass container.
Now what has all this to do with deafness? Some lessons can be learned here. Like they say in Dad’s Army, “Don’t panic!!” If you (hearing) are introduced to someone who is deaf (a friend of a friend? a colleague?), just smile and say hello.
Believe you me, it’s not that hard. What IS harder is how you find out beforehand what you can do to communicate more clearly. Remember, deaf people have always been deaf – or if not, then probably have been for a very long time – and are usually fairly sanguine about it. We know how to be deaf, so what are you worried about?
Take your lead from us. See what we’re doing – usually that’s smiling and looking at you – and copy. Whatever you do, don’t flap and make things worse for yourself; we’re not bothered – we’ll just go and find someone else to play with.
Talk about what’s happening right now – the weather, a staff meeting, the Mayan apocalypse, whatever – and you’ll be rewarded with an intelligent reply. Go on; have a go!

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