Where can I find more info about becoming a counsellor with Deaf people?

I am a fully-qualified counsellor who now has a moderate hearing impairment. I have also studied Level 2 BSL and would like to take this further by studying at a higher level and volunteering to improve my signing skills. My long term goal is to be a counsellor for hearing and Deaf clients. But I can’t find the information I need – can you help me?

Elise, London

Deafauntie says:

What a succinct request. I am a little concerned that you have not been able to locate any more information about counselling with deaf people from your peers or tutor.
Perhaps it is just difficult. Other Deaf people can’t find the information easily either (judging by my overflowing inbox). I even had a discussion about this exact subject on my Facebook page recently.
Deafworks also lists counsellors.
But your first port of call should be SignHealth counselling. This page is targeted at clients, but it will give you a good idea of what is on offer.
Of course, you will be aiming for your BSL Level 3, as this needs to be the minimum requirement (at the very least) if you are thinking about working with BSL clients. There is a lot of debate about whether counsellors working with deaf people should be deaf or hearing, but many deaf clients will tell you they would rather have a choice, so they can decide what is best for them. Why not network with some counsellors – desf and hearing – and see what advice they have for you?
I notice you live in London, so I am sure you already know about Healthy Deaf Minds – they have 4 events a year near Euston. To join Healthy Deaf Minds’ Yahoo e-group as a member and keep up-to-date, email Martin Glover at
Note – I would welcome comments from other counsellors reading this page.

2 responses to “Where can I find more info about becoming a counsellor with Deaf people?

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  2. Hello, I couldn’t help but comment on this.

    I have deaf parents and work as a communication support worker at a college. I currently have level 3 bsl. I am looking to further my working career with the deaf community and feel that counselling for the deaf and for their children and feel I can only find limited information.

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