I want to offer English tuition to deaf people

I want to offer English tuition to deaf adults, but am finding promoting my work difficult. I am currently employed in a school as a Teaching Assistant (Sign Support). I have BSL Level 2, a certificate in TEFL, and I’m studying for NVQ BSL Level 3.
Since I started signing, I have developed an interest in combining English teaching and BSL. How can I get hold of the right people to offer my services to?

Celia, Surrey

Deafauntie says:

I get enquiries like this at least once a term! Deaf students and deaf adults often ask us about English tuition, as local colleges don’t offer what they are looking for. It is really difficult to match up tutors with clients – so tricky, in fact, that I no longer recommend them.
But this is evidence of the demand out there for skilled people such as yourself. You just need to be clear exactly what kind of English teaching you offer – ie. correcting college essays, teaching basic grammar, etc – and also state exactly what communication skills you have (not just BSL qualifications). Matching your services to suitable deaf clients will be a challenge.
Any marketing person will tell you that ‘word of mouth’ is the best way to get clients. Some things you could try to help generate word of mouth advertising:
1) Open a Facebook page advertising your business. Post a mini-lesson there every now and then to give people an idea of what you are offering.
2) Contact your local Social Services, and track down the main person who deals with deaf clients.
3) Make yourself known to your local Deaf Centre or group and maybe offer a small class there.
You only need one deaf client and others will follow!

3 responses to “I want to offer English tuition to deaf people

  1. I have often thought of doing the same as I have so much to offer, but hard to find those who need help. Wishing you lots of success

  2. Dear Celia

    As I am finding a method of teaching English for deaf people I see your offer here. My 34 years old son is deaf. He is applying to do his Ph.D. in Australia and the university request him to present his TOEFL result. We has just known that there is the test for deaf people. I told him to first pay sometime to study for the test and I will teach him.

    Actually he did his MA from the university. His reading and understanding is ok but writing is still difficult for him even our own Thai language. Now he is a lecturer in a university, college for deaf and sign interpreter.

    If you have techniques to teach English would you please share me or suggest me how to teach him.
    Thank you very much.

    Chat Boonya
    My facebook name: lechat yaboon

  3. Thanks celia to share something new to me…its really interesting to me that you are gonna offer english tution to deaf people…i think i’m also deaf…so i need your help to get into something new method

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