Sell yourself, not your services

I have just set up my own deaf consulting business, offering a range of corporate-level services, but have had to relocate to the South East for family reasons. Where do I make a start?
The organisations I am familiar with are not in a position to hire freelance consultants. Is there a market for my services in the general disability and voluntary sectors?

Any advice or pointers welcome.


Deafauntie says:
There are a lot of deaf services out there, a heck of a lot of Deaf Awareness consultants too (both hearing as well as deaf – but that’s another story), not to mention charities muscling into the action where they do not have the expertise. (I hasten to add, I fully endorse those who do!)
The question is, how are you going to make a difference? Think about what is special about you. What marks you out as different from everyone else?  What exactly do you offer?
Consider how you present yourself, both online and in person. It is so important to be kind, clear and consistent as well as 100% professional. Make sure you are networking out there in a low key, non-aggressive way – people buy YOU, not your services.
Make sure your message is consistent with who you are. Most people get this wrong. Stop and think of those you know who are not authentic.  If your message doesn’t ring true, then people will ignore you.
I have not mentioned the ‘how to’s as you already know all this. The presentation of you and your message is the hard part.
Good luck.


One response to “Sell yourself, not your services

  1. Hello David. I am sure you can achieve this as I live in the South ‘east’ in Hampshire. I dont know where you live, however, where I live we are crying out for a deaf consulting business that also covers East Hampshire (Petersfield, Waterlooville, etc) as to be honest I feel that a deaf charity is focusing too much on Southampton and Isle of Wight despite serving ‘Hampshire’ which is a bit of a pity. I don’t know if there is ANY deaf consulting business in Hampshire apart from the charity. I would love to set up one myself but better to leave it to the experts like you 😀

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