How do I prepare for basic BSL with a deaf person?

I’m interested in getting some basic training in BSL. Next year I’m going to embark on a project with a profoundly deaf person and although we will have interpreters present I’d like to know the basics myself. Does anyone run two week intensive courses or something similar? And if so how much something like that might cost?


Deafauntie says:

Great to hear from someone who is genuinely interested in learning BSL long term, not just as a temporary interest. You will do well and learn quickly – lots of people don’t – as your commitment to learning is a major motivation. You will also have a deaf colleague to chat with and improve your skills.
A two-week course won’t get you up to interpreting standard (as you’ve probably worked out) but it will take you a helluva long way towards establishing a working friendship with your deaf colleague and you will also be a role model for others in the workplace.
Without more information from you, I can’t recommend a course, but do Google for some near you. You could consider seeing if you can locate a freelance deaf BSL tutor who can come and teach you and your colleagues on your work premises.
Whatever you do, though, please don’t ask your deaf colleague to run this workshop (a common mistake), and don’t accept a hearing person teaching you BSL. Good luck!

One response to “How do I prepare for basic BSL with a deaf person?

  1. Hi there
    I went on a workshop last year at University of Greenwich for deaf professionals and met someone who tutored one 2 one in BSL. I could introduce you if you are interested? His name is Joe Collins of JC Promotion.

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