Could deaf artists help deaf students?

I am Deaf and have recently returned from volunteering in a School for the Deaf in India.
I am currently organising an exhibition in the UK showing some of the students’ work. While I was in India we launched a brand new art syllabus for the students so they could concentrate on improving their art work.
I am now trying to fundraise for the school to purchase more art supplies. I am looking for Deaf artists to attend the exhibition with pieces of their own that they could donate to a great cause. Can you help?


Deafauntie says:
Your project sounds great. Hopefully part of your long-term plan is to locate deaf artists in India who could support the school by being good role models and perhaps running workshops for the deaf kids.
I feel a little uncomfortable about asking deaf artists to donate works when they don’t have an easy time of it producing and selling it in the wider marketplace (this is true for the majority of hearing artists too).
Perhaps they could donate their time or skills as an option? (Of course, donating time is like donating money – they still need to work). Better still, I’d look to the larger deaf charities. Usually, their staff are on very healthy monthly salaries, and they could have contacts overseas for you to work with.
There are several well-known deaf people working in Africa and India with fundraising experience they can share with you. (Fingers crossed they will see this deafauntie posting)
There are of course other ways to fundraise which you will already be aware of, such as applying for grants and crowdfunding (Indiegogo to give just one of many examples).

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