Is there an employers’ website listing potential deaf employees?

I need some assistance with finding employment for an individual client of mine who is deaf. He said there is a website for employers who want to hire deaf people. Can you help me with this query?


Deafauntie says:
Frankly I am surprised that I am being asked by an employment officer for contacts within the deaf employment field. This certainly demonstrates not just how hard it is to find information in this area but also – more importantly – how few deaf employment services there really are. There have been several excellent deaf employment initiatives in the last few years, but all have since closed down due to ‘lack of funds’. It makes one want to weep.
However you might want to try these contacts:

Deaf Apprentice
Essex Deaf Job Club
Job Rapido also lists deaf related jobs

Hopefully readers will come forward with suggestions of their own – unemployed deaf people could certainly do with a helping hand in these hard times.

3 responses to “Is there an employers’ website listing potential deaf employees?

  1. I doubt very much there is any employer who would “want” to employ just deaf people? Disabled generally I can imagine. But it seems odd. If there is any such website or facility it would be oversubscribed given the drastic cuts of late!

    In m own experience it is better for extra support and one to one regular meetings to discuss ways of getting a job. You would be far more helpful in that way and especially to make telephone calls on your client’s behalf. That would help remove 50% of the battle to get that job. That all the Deaf really need? We are all employable if only the Employer can see pass the Deafness.

  2. I would like to add that we are running employment support service for deaf people in Leicester and Derby if you live in the area. Contact me if you live here. Thanks

  3. Alison Hicking

    Is he thinking of Deaf UK jobs? it is an e group rather than a website

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