Free Deaf Awareness training didn’t work on my colleagues – grrr!

Without asking me, my work HR department booked a company who offers free Deaf Awareness training. (I would have recommended someone else.) The Deaf Awareness session took place three weeks ago and nothing – and I mean nothing – has changed.
Maybe I should wait a bit longer? I am very disappointed and a bit angry too. No-one has remembered to include me in the staff meetings and they still don’t tell me what’s going on. The more I think about it the madder I get!


Deafauntie says:
I’m glad you’re mad because it looks like you need to get real mad to make yourself do something. Your colleagues probably enjoyed the training so much that they have promptly forgotten what it is they are supposed to be doing, and will be amazed that you are angry. You should see the effects of good training straightaway.
First of all, ask colleagues you trust what they thought of the session and then tell your manager how disappointed you are with it. You do understand how busy everyone is, but it only creates more work if you have to go back and ask them again and again what’s happening so that you can get your job done efficiently.
Explain that free training doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best trainers and ask to be more involved next time. You could also ask the trainers what was covered in the session and for a brief report on what they recommended to staff. (If they didn’t do that, then they’re in trouble.)
They should be offering a follow-up so ask where it is. Be very clear and specific what you want included in the training and ask to see the workshop handbook in advance – yes, they should have one – so that you can highlight items for discussion. In the meantime go back to the tried and tested method of “Ten Top Tips” by email to your colleagues, saying what works for you (and them).

2 responses to “Free Deaf Awareness training didn’t work on my colleagues – grrr!

  1. Good advice above. However I find that humour is the best way to connect and make people remember your needs as a deaf person.

    I would be personal interested to find out what staff thought of the course first and then take appropriate action afterwards. ie a better course?

    But get involved.

    In the meantime I am also painfully and sadly aware that the average employee in some organisations can be overwhelmed by demands made by not just deafness, but other disabilities, even Race, and Sexual. There is a danger that too much of a good thing can backfire and become boring and repetitive.

    So it is vital to spread out the messages or combine them as a course. Also to make it relevant to the working area, and fun.

    You could turn your anger into something positive and forwarding thinking to achieve all of the above and change the atmosphere of your day to day experience starting today!.

  2. Stuart Parkinson

    Invite the trainer back and ask HR to conduct a disability impact assessment at the same time.

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