Book Review: Reinvented Lives, by Charles and Elizabeth Handy

This week we thought we’d ask deafauntie to choose a book she has enjoyed. This is what she had to say:
‘I was given Reinvented Lives, by Charles and Elizabeth Handy, for my 60th birthday. According to the Amazon blurb, “Twenty-eight women, ranging from Anita Roddick and Prue Leith to less well-known names, write their own personal stories which are accompanied by Elizabeth Handy’s black and white photographs and an introductory essay by Charles Handy. ‘”This generation of women is entering the sixties more healthy, more educated and more energetic than most of their mothers. The subjects in this book provide the models for what has become, for the first time, a new age for many women. Released from most of the cares and responsibilities that accompany midlife for women, they are free to reinvent themselves, to give more time to their career or calling, or to luxuriate in the serenity and friendships that few had time for in the past.
‘”Some enter new relationships, some start new careers or go back to study, some find that their work is only now reaching its peak.”
‘I thoroughly enjoyed this book – especially the photos, to study what 60-year-old women actually look like! Being 60 is a time of change and a watershed for many – and we look and behave nothing like our mothers did at 60, so this is the first generation where we have no role models to refer to. The stories were very varied and one or two I couldn’t relate to, but others I thought ‘yes!’ I so enjoyed my present and have since lent it to two friends both turning 60. If you are reading this and you are half this age, then do buy it for your Mum. She’ll love it!’

Reinvented Lives on Amazon

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