Desperate for a deaf-friendly solicitor

I am absolutely desperate for a deaf-friendly solicitor. I really need someone who is deaf-aware and completely professional. I need the solicitor to be comfortable with emails and Skype. Am happy to work through an interpreter or phone captioning too but I really need someone soon. The last two solicitors have given me so much stress. Please help.


Deafauntie says:
Yours is the second request this week for a deaf-aware solicitor. (As we go to press, I have just had a third – so maybe there is a market out there for a deaf specialist solicitors firm).
I don’t have anyone in mind – the one person I did know no longer works in the field. However, recently I was referred to Joseph Frasier Solicitors – although they are worth a look, I note they are neither employment law specialists, nor do they specialise in constructive dismissal and discrimination, which appears to be what most deaf people are looking for. Common requests for solicitors I also get are those experienced in domestic issues (of all kinds). I sincerely hope readers will come back with suggestions of their own – goodness knows we need a much better service!

PS Try these links too:
RAD Deaf Law Centre
Deaf Lawyers

4 responses to “Desperate for a deaf-friendly solicitor

  1. Have you tried RAD’s Deaf Law Centre? They contact clients through webcam, Skype. Check out RAD’s website, then click on Legal Services. Hope you get some satisfaction

  2. I speak from experience here having dealt with solicitors for all sorts of reasons. A very deaf UNaware environment. It has proved to be a costly mistake over time to use such solicitors. So it is important and very wise to test and search for one asap.

    I am afraid I don’t have any answers to your situation except to test them out and use emails only to contact them.

    Using the above method I was able to find a good firm. and it became a two way relationship of learning about each other and what works best for us. So well worth a go doing this method of tests and searches.

    One thing I would advise is that you must not miss any deadlines even if you have to do the work yourself and lodge papers until you find one. This is something I would not recommend and suggest to the general public, but it is important that you do not miss deadlines. The Courts tend to be very strict about this and this can cause more problems and costs if you miss any deadlines.

    Sorry that I cannot offer a more positive response and way forward.

  3. Fentons London branch ignore emails from deaf people but Fentons Manchester have had deaf awareness training and are much more accessible, they will respond to emails.

    I spotted Joseph Frasier advertising on Twitter ‘Solicitors for deaf people. Contact us for free 30 minutes advice’

    My solicitors are very deaf friendly, we correspond by email 99% of the time.

    Tina (

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