Can you help me with my cover letter?

Please let me know who can helping with my better cover letter as I already got my cv. I am still search for new job is accountant. I am still work as oldest people in college and I am still continue studying sage accounting level 3. I have passed my exam level 1 and 2. It goes well. So all I need to know how to write as I am not good at write a cover letter. Hope you understand what I mean.


Deafauntie says:
I am shocked and surprised you are not getting the help you need. Could your college help you with your cover letter? Talk to your tutor and ask for examples of cover letters. Ask at the college library as well. They will have several career books they can show you. (I assume you have an interpreter with you at college). I have looked at some job websites where they give you examples of cover letters (like these) but I think these will be too difficult for you. I can’t write one here for you as I would need to know more about what you want to say. Have you got a family member or friend you could ask? If you live in Bromley you could ask Deaf Access () to help you. If you live in Manchester, you could ask the Manchester Deaf Centre who also have a job club. Is there something like this near you?
I have shown your letter to some deaf accountants so hopefully they will add their comments here as it might be useful for you to meet and learn from some experienced deaf book keepers and accountants.

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