Quote For Today: Plants and People Are Not So Different

An interesting quote from Dan Pearson, gardener, below.
Plants and people are not so different, he says : gardens have given him continuity, variety, joy. In return they’ve needed him to let them unfold at their own pace, to retreat in order to bloom. They’ve required him to look and notice, to understand the habitat, to be timely. He’s had to be constant, consistent, hard-working. Along the way gardening has taught him lessons, he says, about relationships in all their forms.

“You set something to grow and help it flourish. You grow alongside it. And potentially both of you, and the relationship between you, carry on getting better.”

From the School Of Life


One response to “Quote For Today: Plants and People Are Not So Different

  1. How timley to read this review! I was just standing in my back garden..lovingly tended to by my husband…this morning. Sun was warm, the dewy grass under my bare feet..I felt such a connection with it….it was so soothing and sweet. I recommend go out first thing in your bare feet and just feel the sweet morning dew on your soles. Excellent for the soul too.

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