How can we promote our BSL-interpreted event better?

We’re putting on a theatre show called Oxbow Lakes in a warehouse in east London and we have a BSL-interpreted performance on Thursday 26th September 2013. We were hoping that you’d be able to publicise this through your website.
Also please could you advise me of any other ways of promoting this event to the deaf community? It seems really difficult to contact deaf theatre goers. What do other theatres do?

Best wishes,

Deafauntie says:
You are not the first person to ask this question and no, we can’t take adverts – only sponsored slots, which may not be what you are looking for. It does seem to be a real problem – there have been different theatre info-sharing experiments over the years, but nothing seems to work. People set up contact groups on the web, get excited thinking they alone have cracked the problem of sharing information with everyone online (and of course not everyone has daily access, or even access, to computers). The founders then lose heart and bang goes another great networking idea. Part of the problem, speaking briefly, is that there are different types of deaf audiences – just as there are hearing audiences, divided into race, age, class, interest, education and so on – and not all deaf audiences use BSL interpreters, so your theatre is looking at a very segmented part of a larger theatre audience. The Arts Council looked at this problem several years ago – and they admit there doesn’t seem to be a straightforward solution. Some art galleries and theatres who offer regular captioned or signed events have their own Facebook page which their deaf audiences refer to – but your problem is very specifically how does one small theatre offering a one off BSL interpreted show let people know?
I have just looked online at the groups I used to rely on, but they seem to have disappeared! I rest my case…. Hope we’ll get lots of replies!


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