Q&A Part 2

Are the problems disguised in some way? Can I be identified if I write to you?
Very few people actually ask me about this. It is surprising how few. When I started deafauntie I thought people would be slightly paranoid about others working out who had come to me with their problems.
This hasn’t been the case at all. In fact when I asked a couple of friends they either said ‘Who cares?’ or even ‘The more people who know the better!’ For safety’s sake, I do tweak a few details here and there (sometimes making a problem anonymous can turn it into nonsense unless you have the skills to maintain the gist of it) and we always change names and identities (ie where they’re from).
Years ago I wrote to a problem page (before you were born, Melissa!) and I remember I wasn’t the least bit bothered about being found out, as a) I knew I could never be, and b) I sure as heck wasn’t the only person with that problem!

Some might say some of your problems are repetitive. What would you say to those who ask for more variety?
You have hit upon a singular truth. Most problems people experience are in fact universal. Putting aside the bigger question of ‘how to live an authentic life’ , people tend to be concerned about relationships (both work, home and leisure) and employment (including voluntary work, careers, moving on, using their time usefully etc).
I have just had a look at the 30-odd problems deafauntie has received so far and they nearly all fall into those two very wide categories. Being deaf brings up other related issues and it is interesting to look at the 20 all-time top posts and see how many are problems common to all but with a deaf slant.
Deafauntie does not make up problems as that would be unethical – each one is genuine – but you know what? We’d love to receive more!

How do I get automatic posts?
Simple: follow the blog! Type your email address in the box in the right-hand column (under ‘Follow deafauntie’). Once you click the ‘Sign Me Up’ button you will receive automatic notifications by email.
If you are viewing the blog on your mobile, scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘view full site’. You should get the blog as it looks on your PC or Mac with ‘Follow deafauntie’ near the top right corner.

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