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Welcome to deafauntie‘s sponsorship page!

Why sponsor us?
The name says it all. Deafauntie is a friendly agony aunt blog aimed at deaf and hard-of-hearing people, their families, friends and colleagues. Every week it covers a wide variety of issues that often do not appear in other agony aunt columns because they have an unusual perspective – informed by the deaf experience – that can only be addressed by another deaf person.
The brainchild of Laraine Callow MBE – who wrote an agony aunt column for RNID magazine for many years and runs her own successful deaf consultancy business, Deafworks – deafauntie‘s readership base consists of: deaf professionals at all levels from those starting out all the way to chief executives; parents of deaf children; deaf parents; deaf organisations; diversity and equality consultants; and professionals working with deaf people.

What else can I expect from sponsorship?
The beauty of sponsoring deafauntie are the perks that come with it. We offer all our sponsors a #FF (Follow Friday hashtag) on our Twitter page, and the choice of either a linkback via an one-off special feature on deafauntie, or a guest post on their blog.
If you would like to sponsor deafauntiesimply do the following:

1. select your preferred ad space by clicking on either one of the buttons
2. attach the jpeg you want to advertise with (no more than 300 dpi) and a weblink to the automated email

Once affirmed you will be invoiced for the required amount and the advert uploaded for 30 days starting on the 1st of the following month upon receipt of payment.
We are open to sponsors who subscribe to the blog, agree with our philosophy of fairness, openness and supporting deaf people with their own deaf-friendly projects.
Interested? Email deafauntie@deafworks.co.uk
We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Feature spot
This will appear as a 160 x 160 widget at or near the top of the sidebar. Perks include a weekly #FF on Twitter, a mention on our Facebook page and the choice of either a one-off feature about you here, or a guest post on your blog.


The cheaper option for those whose budgets don’t stretch to the Feature Spot. A 160 x 100 widget in the sidebar, plus a weekly #FF on Twitter and a mention on the Facebook page.

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